"Drew can’t hide his feelings for Becky anymore" Why not? He’s done a good job so far. No one knew he even liked her. 

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  • Zoe: *starts singing in the middle of class
  • Me: We interrupt this episode of Degrassi to bring you Glee



On a serious note degrassi does need to be a little bit more obvious about their hints sometimes. I mean I got the hints but judging by the small rowboat amount of fans who ship titles a lot didn’t seem to get it.

Where were the hints? I mean…

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"This was the nightmare version of what could of happened and it was even harder for our crew to deal with. Nobody wanted to shoot that scene."  x

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Eli and Imogen’s new favorite hobby.


Zig and Maya take a trip downstairs.

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Miles using Zoe’s assault trial as an excuse to rekindle things with Maya

The writers using Zoe’s trial as an excuse for Matlingsworth interaction